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Protection of Personal Data

You can reach our Clarification Text, Cookie Policy and General principles and rules on the Processing of Personal Data.

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Clarification on the Processing of Personal Data

Metroport Logistics Inc., Metroport Ulus. Stone. Domestic and Foreign Trade. A.Ş, Metroport Logistics SRL., existing and potential customers, business partners, visitors, shareholders, within the scope of Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (“KVKK”), of Metroport Logistics Group Companies (“Metroport Logistics”), It strives to take all kinds of actions and precautions regarding the protection and confidentiality of personal data belonging to third parties related to company managers, employees, employee candidates, employees and officials of the institution that cooperates. Your personal data can be processed as a 'Data Controller' for the purposes stated below, by taking all administrative and technical measures and in accordance with the Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698.

Our General Principles and Rules

Personal data is collected by Metroport Logistics for a lawful and legitimate purpose, with due diligence, and is processed and stored securely. Personal data is deleted, destroyed or anonymized by an appropriate method in line with this Policy when the purpose of processing the data is eliminated or the purpose is terminated.

Compliance with the Law and Integrity Rules
Being Accurate and Up-to-Date When Necessary
Selection and Consent
Limited Time
Care, Moderation and Consistency

Our Cookie Policy

When you visit any website, cookies can be stored and used while roaming. Technical communication files obtained using the technology called cookies are small files that a website user transmits with a computer or mobile phone browser.

The date and time of the user's visit to the site, the pages viewed, the areas clicked, the time spent on the website, the sites visited just before or after the visit to the website may be among the information obtained through cookies. By evaluating this data obtained during your visit to any website, when you visit other websites later, targeted, personalized advertising content can be displayed according to your interests. It is possible to block cookies with your internet browser.

Data Subject's Rights

Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (“KVKK”), personal data owners are entitled to make certain requests regarding the processing of their personal data in article 11 of this law. In this context, according to the Communiqué No. 30356 on the Procedures and Principles of Application to the Data Controller; Metroport Logistics has brought an obligation to respond to these requests. In accordance with the first paragraph of Article 13 of the KVK Law; Applications regarding these rights to our company, which is the data controller, must be submitted to us in writing or by the following methods determined by the Personal Data Protection Board (“Board”).

Hand-Down Application
In applications by hand, the application of the person is accepted if the identity confirmation is made. The Metroport Logistics employee who received the application states on the form that the identity confirmation has been made after performing the identity check. (The "Information Request Under the Law on the Protection of Personal Data" will be written on the envelope.)
Application to the Registered E-Mail Address
For which company the application will be made, the application is made to the appropriate registered e-mail address below. (Metroport Logistics A.Ş. ([email protected])) Applications made to these channels must be made only through the cap address of the person concerned and there is no need to confirm identity. (The "Personal Data Protection Law Information Request" will be written in the subject part of the e-mail.)
E-İmza veya Mobil İmza ile Yapılan Başvuru
Application with E-Signature or Mobile Signature
Application via Notary Public
Applications sent by the relevant person to the registered address of Metroport Logistics through a notary public are received by the Metroport Logistics Headquarters Customer Relations Department. (“Information Request Under the Law on the Protection of Personal Data” will be written in the notification envelope.)

Your applications submitted to us pursuant to the second paragraph of Article 13 of the KVK Law, within 30 days from the date of receipt of your request, depending on the nature of the request. will be answered. Our answers will be delivered to you in writing or electronically in accordance with the provisions of Article 13 of the relevant KVK Law.

Metroport Logistics A.Ş. and Metroport Logistics SRL Companies, in the capacity of Data Controller, can access the data in detail by using the 'Registry Inquiry' tab on VERBIS (https://verbis.kvkk.gov.tr).

Metroport Logistics SRL. , Metroport Logistics Inc. You can contact our support team to learn more about group companies.

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