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We provide complete and partial transportation services to all regions of Germany, especially Northern Germany.

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With Metroport Turkey-Germany is now very close!

With our wide agency and storage network, Germany is now very close! We provide complete and partial transportation services to the whole of Germany with our self-owned vehicles. We are a solution partner to many corporate companies with our end-to-end transportation solutions.


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Metroport Logistics

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Turkey-Germany Shipping

 We are at your side with our complete, partial, express freight transportation, project transportation, multimodal transportation and other special solutions for your  transportation needs in Germany .

Metroport Logistics, which has been providing transportation services to Germany by increasing its service quality since 2003, continues its services uninterruptedly with years of experience. Providing customer satisfaction beyond expectations with its services based on experience, technology and professionalism, Metroport also provides services in freight transportation, complete transportation, partial and many other categories.

Metroport Logistics, which has a professional duty in carrying out the process from start to finish in transportation, provides service with nearly 100 trucks specially designed for transportation. Apart from the transportation service, Metroport, which provides services from the storage of the cargo to the purchase from the relevant country, differs from its competitors with the process management it carries out from start to finish.

Turkey-Germany Partial Shipping

 Metroport Logistics, which produces fast and unrivaled solutions for partial transportation needs in Germany , continues to offer the best with its long years of experience.

Providing unrivaled customer satisfaction with the services it provides in the international transportation sector, Metroport combines its vast business experience with professionalism.

We offer Germany partial transportation service, which is among the services we provide by always focusing on customer satisfaction, with extraordinary solutions in the best way. This service, which we provide with the awareness of problem-free and on-time delivery, takes the perception of perfection beyond mediocrity. All vehicles are tracked instantly with a fully executed process management and satellite/GPS tracking system. Offering special solutions for your transportation and storage needs, Metroport International Transportation continues to offer differences with its corporate identity that always focuses on the best.




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Turkey-Germany Transport Services

Metroport, which provides international transportation services with reasonable price advantages and, above all, experience and professionalism, responds to all your needs with its wide vehicle fleet.  We are a professional solution partner for you with our customer satisfaction-based services in the German freight transportation sector.

Metroport, which aims to provide quality service at all times and under all conditions by going beyond the standards in freight transportation, is among the leading companies of the sector. Our company, which you can choose to get a trouble-free service in the fields of import and export, always keeps the bar at the top with its on-time deliveries.

Providing service in every category needed in the field of transportation, Metroport is also a solution partner for you with its complete transportation service in Germany. With more than 100 vehicles, you can benefit from Metroport quality at affordable prices for your import and export business, as well as for your other transportation works. You can meet real quality in the transportation sector by getting a complete transportation service in Germany in accordance with international transportation laws.

Our company's  transport  services to Germany include hanger transportation, which is frequently used in the textile industry. We have special transport equipment and special vehicles for the transport of hanging textiles in the transport fleet so that we can transport the hanging textiles correctly and on time. Trousers, jackets, skirts and anything else you can think of are delivered on time, wrinkle-free and regularly. As Metroport,  we provide uninterrupted service with our expert team and fully equipped vehicles in Germany Suspended Textile transportation . Regardless of the size of your cargo, we ensure that it arrives in Greece in both partial and complete form. For detailed information about Germany  Textile Transportation,  you can reach our contact information.

With the Germany project transportation option, we carefully plan your transportation operation from the first stage to the last stage, and we undertake the management of the process without any problems with years of experience.

In addition to standard loads, we also transport loads of different weights, lengths and widths with project transportation without any problems. In short, this service, which we provide by exceeding the standards in transportation, is a response to the needs of companies operating in all kinds of sectors. Metroport Transportation, which has been carrying out project transportation in important projects of public and private sector organizations, is your solution partner by providing services with complete process management.

Metroport, which has standard documents in the transportation sector with its experienced employees, is one of the companies that always aims to offer you the best for the most suitable. For this reason,   it is preferred and trusted in the transportation sector with its transportation service in Germany .

Providing trouble-free service in Germany's minivan express transportation  business, Metroport acts by focusing on customer satisfaction in all kinds of services it provides. This service, which enables your cargo to be transported between Turkey and Germany faster, is provided in the best way by our minivan vehicles.

In addition to its reasonable price, minivan express transportation, which we provide based on customer satisfaction as always, takes place smoothly and on time. With our vehicles equipped with a new generation satellite tracking system, all your belongings are safely transported.

We provide loading of your products, unloading and classification of the loads, putting them on them, packaging them according to their structure and distribution to any point in Germany.

Within the scope of our Germany warehousing and customs clearance  services, we securely store your goods in two different areas, bonded and duty-free.

It is an international convention of ADR, which is the "European Agreement on the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road". The Directive ensures the safe and orderly transport of dangerous goods on public roads without harming human health and the environment. Under the ADR directive, the carrier must have an ADR certificate to transport dangerous goods. According to the regulations published in the "European Agreement" and the "Official Gazette", the agreement covers various public or private organizations that carry out the international transportation of dangerous goods. Our company provides all the necessary documents within the scope of the agreement.

Our vehicles in our fleet are fully equipped vehicles with the necessary equipment for Greek Dangerous Goods Transportation.

With our Germany out-of-gauge transportation  service, we arrange the tonnage, transportation and weight plans of heavy loads and deliver them to where they need to go.

For this, our special tools and equipment are used in company with our experts.

While planning and performing your logistics operations with the multimodal transportation option in Germany, we evaluate all transportation options and bring together the most suitable ones for your needs.

With the multimodal transportation option, you can take advantage of all transportation options with a single contract. The fact that the transportation process is based on a completely integrated system makes transportation easy. Although it is considered as a kind of transit system, since it is an integrated system, the multimodal transportation system is one of the most ideal solutions. The price advantage it offers, especially for transportation works that require very long distances, makes this system more attractive.

Our services  are provided by our expert team in the field of Container Transport in Germany. It is a type of transportation made with container types. Containers are produced in standard sizes. They can be loaded in various ways and transferred to different vehicles. This efficient transportation is also  the advantage of container transportation . Another advantage of the container is that it can be used in all transportation ways without being opened. For this reason, it is of great importance in international transportation.

FCL / LCL: The goods of two or more exporters are in one container and the importer is the only company.

LCL / FCL: The exporter-loaded container also has the capacity to load two or more importers.

FCL / FCL: In this case, a full container load is an exporter and an importer.

LCL / LCL: In this case, some of the goods loaded into the container are exporters and importers.

We manage end-to-end.

How is the transport process going?

Metroport is with you in the whole process from end to end!


Reservation is opened by your customer representative.


The vehicle is delivered to the loading address by the operation team.


Your loaded vehicle is shipped to the customs office for customs clearance procedures.

Shipment is on its way!

The vehicle, whose customs clearance procedures are completed, departs and is delivered to the customer after the procedures at the destination customs.

Have a question? check these answers.

Which country do you want to send products to? You can find the details in our services section.

After our customer representative receives the reservation process, the cargo to be shipped abroad by our operation team is received on the specified date. After the customs procedures, the vehicle is shipped abroad.

All loads are insured under CMR and FFL insurance. However, additional insurance is recommended.

The arrival time of the vehicle varies according to the country where the shipment is going. Please contact our customer representative.

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