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We provide Complete and Partial transportation services with our daily departures to Italy, the country we have shuttled since the day we were founded.

Our route is your success.

With Metroport, Italy-Turkey is now very close!

With our wide agency and storage network, Italy is now very close! We provide complete and partial transportation services to the whole of Italy with our self-owned vehicles. We are a solution partner to many corporate companies with our end-to-end transportation solutions.


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Metroport Logistics

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Italy Shipping

 Metroport Logistics, which is among the leading companies of the sector in the field of Italian transportation service , has been a solution partner for transportation needs with its superior service quality since 2003. Our company, which provides solution-oriented services between Italy and Turkey, is also the solution partner of the most rooted and large companies in Europe.

We provide services with our specially designed trucks for nearly 100 transportations, with documents crowning our superior standards such as TIO and C2.

Metroport is not only an international transportation company, but also a professional process manager. In other words, we manage the process according to customer preference in all transactions such as receiving, storing and transporting products from the country. As Metroport Logistics, we offer all kinds of services for your needs and demands, such as customs clearance, with a high satisfaction focus.

With our vehicles integrated into the GPS satellite tracking system in international transportation, all your transportation works are carried out safely and without any problems. Within the scope of CMR, that is, international transportation insurance, all your cargo is transported under insurance. While our company has been serving with its experienced staff for years, CMR keeps your cargo under security with additional considerations such as freight transportation insurance.

Within the scope of Italy transportation service  , we offer solutions for your needs in complete transportation, minivan express, partial transportation, project transportation and many more. Transportation for many giant companies throughout Italy, where we have daily departures for partial and complete transportation.

Italy Partial Shipping

One of the services provided by Metroport Logistics is  Italy partial transportation  service. This service, which is provided without any problems in a completely professional line, provides an advantage for our customers with low load volume.

Metroport, which you will prefer for part transportation on Italy Turkey or Turkey Italy lines, continues its vast experience in this sense. Regardless of the type and amount of cargo to be transported, we provide service by keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level. Different company loads, which are carefully classified in the same vehicle, are transported in specially designed vehicles without any problems.

Metroport Logistics, which offers solutions suitable for your needs for partial transportation, is delivered to its address within the specified time. Carrying out operations by calculating the weight and volume of the cargo reduces transportation costs.




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Italy Transport Services

Metroport Logistics is   one of the leading companies in the sector with the works it has carried out in the field of Italian freight transportation . Our company, which always keeps the quality bar high with its rich transportation experience in an effort to offer you the best, offers realistic solutions for your Italy freight transportation needs. All your loads are transported with great devotion and insured transportation with our expert staff.

If you are looking for quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness for your complete transportation in Italy  , Metroport Logistics is a company that will exceed your expectations. We produce fast and regular solutions for all your transportation needs by making a complete two-way exit between Italy and Turkey.

We offer you the best with our high vehicle capacity and our staff with many years of international transportation sector experience. Our employees, who are provided with personal and professional development courses at various times, are people who have all the necessary equipment to carry out a job professionally. When this equipment is combined with professionalism, the result is naturally smooth and flawless. Metroport Logistics, which provides professional management of the process in all aspects, offers fast and safe  transportation to Italy  .

Among the transportation services of our company  in Italy , it includes hanging transportation, which is frequently used in the textile industry. We have special transport equipment and special vehicles for the transport of hanging textiles in the transport fleet so that we can transport the hanging textiles correctly and on time. Trousers, jackets, skirts and anything else you can think of are delivered on time, wrinkle-free and regularly. As Metroport, we provide uninterrupted service with our expert team and fully equipped vehicles in Italy  Suspended Textile transportation . Regardless of the size of your cargo, we ensure that it arrives in Greece in both partial and complete form. For detailed information about Italy  Textile Transportation  , you can reach our contact information.

Italy project transportation is a service for the transportation of your cargo with high dimensions, weight and volume. Our company, which offers different solutions in Italian cargo transportation  works, becomes your professional solution partner for your very wide, high, long and heavy loads.

Our Turkey-Italy minivan express transportation service is a transportation technique we apply for our fast deliveries. In order to reach the destination as quickly as possible, a small and fast vehicle is sent.

If necessary, the number of vehicles and the number of working team members can be increased. There is no need to worry about the abundance of items.

We provide loading of your products, unloading and classification of the loads, putting them on them, packaging them according to their structure and distribution to any point in Italy.

Within the scope of our Turkey-Italy warehousing and customs clearance services, we securely store your goods in two different areas, bonded and duty-free.

We have special vehicles suitable for the process in our Turkey-Italy cargo transportation with ADR.

We provide bilateral service support between Italy and Turkey for the transportation of dangerous goods with our ADR documents suitable for the safety of the environment and human health.

Our vehicles have full certificates, permits and controls.

With our Turkey-Italy out-of-gauge transportation service, we arrange the tonnage, transportation and weight plans of heavy loads and deliver them to the place they need to go.

For this, our special tools and equipment are used in company with our experts.

With our Turkey-Italy multimodal transportation service, we transfer your cargo between two points by bringing together more than one type of transportation according to your needs.

We are a company that is open to wide-ranging studies using different transportation routes when necessary. Here, both gaining speed and delivering the transported goods undamaged are calculated just like in other transactions.

Thanks to our Turkey-Italy container transportation service, we can easily transfer your loads in various containers or transport them to the transfer points.

For example, during the journeys that will continue by ship, we provide the transportation of containers to the ship or transportation and loading to any other point to be transferred.

In this way, we offer a very efficient process.

We manage end-to-end.

How is the transport process going?

Metroport is with you in the whole process from end to end!


Reservation is opened by your customer representative.


The vehicle is delivered to the loading address by the operation team.


Your loaded vehicle is shipped to the customs office for customs clearance procedures.

Shipment is on its way!

The vehicle, whose customs clearance procedures are completed, departs and is delivered to the customer after the procedures at the destination customs.

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Which country do you want to send products to? You can find the details in our services section.

After our customer representative receives the reservation process, the cargo to be shipped abroad by our operation team is received on the specified date. After the customs procedures, the vehicle is shipped abroad.

All loads are insured under CMR and FFL insurance. However, additional insurance is recommended.

The arrival time of the vehicle varies according to the country where the shipment is going. Please contact our customer representative.

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