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We provide Complete and Partial transportation services with our daily departures between Turkey and Poland, which is the country we have shuttled since the day we were established.

Our route is your success.

With Metroport, Poland-Turkey is now very close!

With our wide agency and storage network, Turkey-Poland is now very close! With our self-owned vehicles, we provide complete and partial transportation services to all of Poland, especially Lodz, Wrocklaw, Poznan and Warsaw, Istanbul, Edirne, Tekirdağ, Kocaeli, Sakarya, Bursa, İzmir, Ankara. We are a solution partner to many corporate companies with our end-to-end transportation solutions.


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Poland-Turkey Complete Transport

Our complete transport to Turkey-Poland is carried out in two directions. It ensures the reliable and trouble-free transmission of the transported material by considering the planning stage before transportation. We have a complete departure service from Turkey to Poland and from Poland to Turkey every day.

Complete transportation service is provided between any two points desired. In order for the planning to be done correctly, our company must be given complete and complete information. Afterwards, our experts ensure that the most suitable transport technique for the material to be transported and the team that will be responsible for this technique are determined.

Poland-Turkey Partial Transport

One of the processes that you can deal with with our company is partial transportation to Poland. We make partial departures from Turkey to Poland and from Poland to Turkey every day.

Poland Partial Transportation is more convenient than complete transportation in terms of cost. We load different company loads on a single vehicle and provide the same day out. In this way, your materials save time and freight without waiting for a different shipment. Whatever your reason for needing, all the steps will be applied with the same meticulousness in the Poland partial transportation process, just as it is in the complete transportation to Poland.

When your cargo reaches your customer, all unloading processes are checked by our driver and discharged. Our staff consists of experienced people who have received special training in the loading and unloading of loads without damage.

While the materials are loaded in our warehouse, the application technique is determined according to the elements of the material and the appropriate loading is provided. While determining the application technique, factors such as the type of material to be transported and the use of materials that will minimize the possibility of damage are taken into account professionally.




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Poland Transport Services

We offer international transportation services with our highly experienced and trained team. Our team, which will also meet your transportation needs in Poland, makes transactions from any city you wish. Our company, which is the leader in Poland Transport, carries out all 2 procedures related to loading with our warehouse and agency network in Poland and Turkey, completely and quickly. We organize nearly 100 vehicles within the scope of the documents we have (C2, TIO).

We offer you 100% damage-free transportation from Poland to any province in Turkey and from Turkey to any center of Poland.

- Hanger transportation system for textile products
-Project transportation
-Minivan express transportation
-Storage and customs clearance services
- Goods transportation with ADR
-Out of gauge transportation
-Multimodal transportation
-Container transportation

Our Turkey-Poland sling transportation process is implemented in the form of ensuring that clothing and textile products, which are imported and exported, enter or leave the country in a safe manner without disturbing their structure.

Services we can offer you within the scope of our Turkey-Poland project transportation operations:

- Obtaining road permit
-Local information
-Technical team supply
-Providing heavy cargo, storage and transfer solutions
-Order tracking
-Commodity insurance

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Our Turkey-Poland minivan express transportation service is a transportation technique we apply for our fast deliveries. In order to reach the destination as quickly as possible, a small and fast vehicle is sent.

If necessary, the number of vehicles and the number of working team members can be increased. There is no need to worry about the abundance of items.

We provide loading of your products, unloading and classification of the loads, putting them on them, packaging them according to their structure and distribution to any point in Poland.

Within the scope of our Turkey-Poland warehousing and customs clearance services, we securely store your goods in two different areas, bonded and duty-free.

We have special vehicles suitable for the process in our Turkey-Poland cargo transportation with ADR.

We provide bilateral service support between Poland and Turkey for the transportation of dangerous goods with our ADR documents suitable for the safety of the environment and human health.

Our vehicles have full certificates, permits and controls.

With our Turkey-Poland out-of-gauge transportation service, we arrange the tonnage, transportation and weight plans of heavy loads and deliver them to the place they need to go.

For this, our special tools and equipment are used in company with our experts.

With our Turkey-Poland multimodal transportation service, we transfer your cargo between two points by bringing together more than one type of transportation according to your needs.

We are a company that is open to wide-ranging studies using different transportation routes when necessary. Here, both gaining speed and delivering the transported goods undamaged are calculated just like in other transactions.

Thanks to our Turkey-Poland container transportation service, we can easily transfer your loads in various containers or transport them to the transfer points.

For example, during the journeys that will continue by ship, we provide the transportation of containers to the ship or transportation and loading to any other point to be transferred.

In this way, we offer a very efficient process.

We manage end-to-end.

How is the transport process going?

Metroport is with you in the whole process from end to end!


Reservation is opened by your customer representative.


The vehicle is delivered to the loading address by the operation team.


Your loaded vehicle is shipped to the customs office for customs clearance procedures.

Shipment is on its way!

The vehicle, whose customs clearance procedures are completed, departs and is delivered to the customer after the procedures at the destination customs.

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Which country do you want to send products to? You can find the details in our services section.

After our customer representative receives the reservation process, the cargo to be shipped abroad by our operation team is received on the specified date. After the customs procedures, the vehicle is shipped abroad.

All loads are insured under CMR and FFL insurance. However, additional insurance is recommended.

The arrival time of the vehicle varies according to the country where the shipment is going. Please contact our customer representative.

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