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2. We provide Complete and Partial transportation services with our daily exits to Romania, the country where we grow every day where our company is located.

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With Metroport, Romania-Turkey is now very close!

With our extensive network of agents and storage, Romania is now very close! We provide complete and partial transportation services to the whole of Romania with our self-owned vehicles. With our end-to-end transportation solutions, we are solution partners to many corporate companies.


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Turkey-Romania Transport

Metroport Logistics, which has a wide experience in the field of Romanian transportation service, continues to provide services uninterruptedly since 2003. With a wide range of logistics options specific to you, especially complete, partial and express freight transportation, we deliver your products to the buyer without damage, complete and at the lowest costs.

As a solution partner for transportation in the import and export works of the most established companies in Romania and Turkey, we are proud to be among the preferred companies in the sector.

Giving importance to our technological infrastructure, we provide Romania transportation service with our vehicles with satellite tracking system. Moreover, your cargo is again calculated in technological environments and information is given about the time your load will reach on average. On the other hand, the calculation of distance and costs is also carried out in the computer environment.

Metroport Logistics, which sets out with a complete solution approach, offers different solutions, not only Romanian transportation service. Our aim is to respond to your needs in the best way in this field and to be a solution partner for all your needs. With our TIO and C2 international transportation certificates, we organize a total of 150 trucks and offer on-site solutions in international freight transportation.

You can also get service from our company in transactions such as storing and even taking the cargo by storing. Apart from this, we show that we are unlimited in customer satisfaction by providing services up to customs clearance depending on customer demand. We serve with the understanding of the lowest cost and maximum efficiency with our fully expert and trained employees in the field. Apart from Romania, we provide cargo transportation to Germany, Italy transportation service and mutual vehicles to many countries such as Greece, Hungary, Denmark. Moreover, we serve as a solution partner to many well-established companies operating in these countries.

We have daily vehicle exits between Romania Turkey and Turkey Romania. All your cargo is transported with the assurance of CMR, that is, cargo insurance, and is secured against possible risks.

Turkey Romania Partial Transport

One of the services offered by Metroport Group is the Romanian partial transport service. This service is provided only to our customers with part load instead of complete cargo transportation and it is a much more advantageous service for those who have part load in terms of cost.

Different company loads are transported in the same vehicle without any problems and delivered to their places. Due to the fact that vehicle departures are frequent and fast, your parts loads are delivered to their places in less time. Since the cargo of each company is sorted separately and regularly during transportation, there is no problem in the Romanian partial transportation service. In this service, it is also fully covered by CMR cargo transportation insurance.




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Turkey-Romania Transport Services

Metroport, which responds to your Romanian freight transportation needs with its complete solution approach, offers the best for you with its technological and equipped infrastructure. It is possible to get all the services you need, including process management, under one roof at the most affordable prices throughout the Romanian transportation service. In all of our operational activities that we carry out as a solution partner to companies with serious recognition throughout Romania and Turkey, we have delivered the process with customer satisfaction.

By combining many years of experience in international transportation with superior professionalism and customer satisfaction, we strive to offer you the best at the most affordable prices.


Among the services you will receive from our company, Romania complete transportation service meets all your needs related to goods storage and process. If needed, you can get professional services from our company in various subjects such as goods storage, transportation and process management.

Among the transportation services of our company in Romania include hanger transportation, which is often used in the textile industry. In order for us to transport the hanging textiles correctly and on time, we have special transport equipment and special vehicles for the transportation of the hanging textiles in the transportation fleet. Pants, jackets, skirts and everything else you can think of are delivered on time and without wrinkles and on a regular basis. As Metroport, we provide uninterrupted service with our expert team and fully equipped vehicles in Romanian Hanging Textile transportationRegardless of the size of your cargo, we ensure its arrival in Greece, both partially and completely. For detailed information about Romania Textile Transportation, you can reach our contact information.

Romania Project transport is mainly used for the transport of heavy, remittance, bulky (too long, too wide or high) i.e. out-of-gauge goods. These types of goods are usually materials, devices or equipment required for infrastructure investment in public/private sector factories, refineries, mining, energy, construction, etc. Romanian Project Logistics, on the other hand, includes complex logistics operations and tasks such as customer-specific distribution, warehousing or processing and transportation operations.

Our company has carried out many project transportation in Greece Transportation transportation with the experience and experience it has gained since 2003. Thanks to its business partners who produce efficient and regional solutions in all regions of Greece, Romania provides all services to your customers under Transport solutions.

  • Get a travel permit
  • Local information
  • Supply of technical team
  • Delivering heavy shipping, storage and transport solutions
  • Order tracking
  • Commodity insurance
  • Document output
  • Turnkey cost
  • Crane and survey
  • It is in the form of legislation support with foreign trade. You can also contact us for your other needs.

Metroport Logistics, which integrates years of experience with professional and technological service understanding, provides Romanian minivan express transportation services. This service is more advantageous in transportation works where minibus-style vehicles are sufficient, when speed is at the forefront.

Romania Turkey and vice versa, minivan vehicles deliver your cargo to its place in the fastest and most trouble-free way. Since it is faster than partial and other methods of freight transportation, it is often seen as one of the best solutions for urgent needs.

We ensure that your products are loaded, loads are unloaded and classified, influenced on them, packaged according to their structure and distributed to any point in Poland.

Within the scope of our Romanian warehousing and customs clearance services, we store your belongings safely in two different areas, bonded and duty-free.

It is an international convention of ADR, which is the "European Convention on the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road". The directive ensures the safe and orderly transport of hazardous substances on public roads without harming human health and the environment. Under the ADR directive, the carrier must have an ADR certificate to transport dangerous goods. According to the regulations published in the "European Agreement" and the "Official Gazette", the agreement covers various public or private organizations that carry out the international transport of dangerous goods. Our company provides all the necessary documents within the scope of the agreement.

Our vehicles in our fleet are fully equipped vehicles with the necessary equipment for the Transportation of Dangerous Goods in Greece.

With our Romanian out-of-gauge transportation service, we arrange the tonnage, transportation and weight plans of heavy loads and deliver them to where they need to go.

For this, our special tools and equipment are used with our experts.

Romania Container Transportation, which is among our services, is provided by our expert team. It is a type of transportation with container types. Containers are produced in standard sizes. They can be installed in various ways and transferred to different tools. This efficient transportation is also the advantage of container transportationAnother advantage of the container is that it can be used in all transport routes without opening. For this reason, it is of great importance in international transportation.

FCL/LCL: The goods of two or more exporters are in one container and the importer is the only company.

LCL/FCL: The container loaded by the exporter also has the capacity to load two or more importers.

FCL / FCL: In this case, a full container load is an exporter and an importer.

LCL/LCL: In this case, some of the goods loaded into the container are exporters and importers.

Thanks to our Turkey-Poland container transportation service, we can easily transfer your loads in various containers or transport them to the transfer points.

For example, during the journeys that will continue by ship, we provide the transportation of containers to the ship or transportation and loading to any other point to be transferred.

In this way, we offer a very efficient process.

We manage end-to-end.

How is the transport process going?

Müşteri temsilciniz tarafından süreç boyunca bilgilendiriy


Reservation is opened by your customer representative.


The vehicle is delivered to the loading address by the operation team.


Your loaded vehicle is shipped to the customs office for customs clearance procedures.

Shipment is on its way!

The vehicle, whose customs clearance procedures are completed, departs and is delivered to the customer after the procedures at the destination customs.

Have a question? check these answers.

Which country do you want to send products to? You can find the details in our services section.

After our customer representative receives the reservation process, the cargo to be shipped abroad by our operation team is received on the specified date. After the customs procedures, the vehicle is shipped abroad.

All loads are insured under CMR and FFL insurance. However, additional insurance is recommended.

The arrival time of the vehicle varies according to the country where the shipment is going. Please contact our customer representative.

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